Simplify and speed up the way you onboard and review your business partners.
Aerotruth is a new and easy way for businesses to onboard and manage their partner relationships.
Hero Background
New partner on-boarding and periodic reviews of B2B partnerships involve a significant number of documents to be exchanged for compliance approval. This process should not take months to complete.

Aerotruth is a new and easy way for businesses to onboard and manage their partner relationships.

We help you simplify and expedite the document exchange and approval process which lets you conduct due diligence on new and existing partners faster.
All the information you need in one centralised, easy to manage location.
Aerotruth is a secure and seamless cloud-based platform that provides an easy and efficient way for institutions to exchange, store and approve documents required to meet regulatory compliance needs in the onboarding and review processes.


For you, the easy-to-navigate user interface enables you to define, create, request and manage the documents you need from your business partners. And the intuitive dashboard lets you view instantly a snapshot and manage the onboarding and review status of all your partners in one place.

Quicker. Easier. Better.
Traditional partner onboarding and review processes are cumbersome, time-consuming and manual, often involving individually scanning and emailing multiple versions of documents.
Aerotruth lets your business development and compliance teams easily collaborate to quickly execute the onboarding and review processes, leaving you more time to focus on what matters most to you: working with your business partners.
Easy Setup
Simple sign up process. No technical integration required back into your own environment.
Centralised Repository
All the information you need is readily available at your fingertips. No more need to search emails or directories.
Intuitive Collaboration
Requests are easy to send and respond to. Message and communicate with your partners on individual documents.
Easy to Manage
Easy to navigate user interface. Dashboards enable real-time visibility and insight into the status and health of your partner ecosystem.
Customisable to Your Needs
You can fully define the documents and information you need. Tailor and devise customised partner questionnaires as needed.
Peace of mind that all information is stored privately and securely. Aerotruth continually improves and manages platform and data security.
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